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June Wish Merchant Wrap-Up

The Wish Merchant Wrap-Up is a digest version of all the important announcements and changes that came out the previous month. Let’s dig in and see what you may have missed in the month of June!

New Enhancements to ProductBoost

One of the main focuses here at Wish is to help improve the merchant experience. We previously talked about the all-new Merchant Promotions Platform, a tool that allows merchants more control than ever over their promotions. Today, we’ll share some exciting enhancements that we’ve recently made to one of our existing tools, ProductBoost.

What's Happening at Wish?

Wish is in the process of updating and transforming our marketplace. We’ve started a fresh organizational chapter, bringing in a new leadership team of experienced executives with strong backgrounds in retail and technology.

Case Study: Mcslots Revs Up Business With Wish

After a long career in the food retail industry, Mark Crowhurst saw an opportunity to create an e-commerce business selling models and slot cars. Customers were starting to search for products on the internet, and Mark quickly saw an opportunity to meet both collectors and hobby enthusiasts where they were spending time — online.

Changes to Dynamic Pricing Markups

Here at Wish, we have recently taken several steps towards improving both merchant and user experiences, as well as cultivating long-term merchant and user trust. From launching Wish Standards to becoming an invite-only platform, we’ve been prioritizing new strategies and revamping existing ones to achieve this goal. One strategy we are actively evaluating is dynamic pricing markups.

Wish Clips Video Management Hub

Last November, we launched Wish Clips, an exciting customer-facing shoppable video feature. Wish Clips provides a video outlet for merchants to highlight the benefits of their products to users and gain impressions by uploading fun and engaging product videos. 

Case Study: Finding Success With Wish and Listing Mirror

HR Merchandise launched their Wish store in August of 2021. Within 90 days, Wish became their largest non-Amazon sales source with an overall increase of 184% in multi-channel revenue.¹ Herman (Hershie) Pachman, CEO of HR Merchandise, attributes this quick sales growth to the partnership that Wish has with Listing Mirror, a multi-channel product listing software suite.

The All-new Merchant Promotions Platform

Here at Wish, we realize how important it is for our merchants to have more control over their promotional offerings. That’s why we’ve created the all-new Merchant Promotions Platform. This platform is free to use and offered to all Platinum, Gold, and Silver tier merchants.

How To Optimize Photos for Wish

A good product photo can help increase impressions and sales. Shoppers are hesitant to hit “add to cart” when all they have to go on is a single blurry photo. High-quality photos that accurately represent the product can excite shoppers and give them peace of mind before making a purchase.

Webinar: California's Proposition 65

Supporting and protecting our merchant community is one of our top priorities here at Wish. Whether it’s providing quality benefits through the Wish Standards program or sharing important information about marketplace regulations, Wish is working on your behalf to help ensure you can do business on our platform in as compliant a manner as possible.