June Wish Merchant Wrap-Up

The Wish Merchant Wrap-Up is a digest version of all the important announcements and changes that came out the previous month. Let’s dig in and see what you may have missed in the month of June!

ProductBoost Enhancements

Wish is pleased to announce new ProductBoost feature improvements that empower merchants to better understand, control, and budget for more effective and reliable advertising on Wish. Previously, when merchants chose to run a ProductBoost campaign, they were charged per product impression. Presently, we have moved to a cost-per-click model.
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German EPR Registration

Merchants may now submit Germany EPR registration numbers to Wish via Merchant Dashboard and API.
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Ledger Account Balance View Update

The “Ledger Account Balance” view is an update to the legacy “Account Balance” view, with the purpose to provide you with enhanced transparency and efficiency when tracking payments.
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European Union-bound Orders Commission Structure Update

EU-bound orders released to global merchants (regardless of where orders are originated) after July 6, 2022, 12:00 AM UTC will be subject to a new progressive commission structure.
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