How To Optimize Photos for Wish

A good product photo can help increase impressions and sales. Shoppers are hesitant to hit “add to cart” when all they have to go on is a single blurry photo. High-quality photos that accurately represent the product can excite shoppers and give them peace of mind before making a purchase.

That doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive camera or hire a professional photographer. Any merchant with a camera or smartphone is able to take stellar photos that can propel their product listings to the next level. Follow the tips below to learn how to optimize photos for selling on Wish.

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Framing and Focus

Make sure your product fills the majority of the frame. Users don’t want to see what your product looks like from a distance. They want to see it up close so they can make out the details. Similarly, make sure the photo is clear and in focus. Blurry photos will send the message that you and your products can’t be taken seriously.



For newer product photographers, shooting in natural light will probably be easier. But once you get going, you may choose to invest in a lighting kit. What’s important here is that the photos should look vibrant and well-lit. You don’t want them too dark, but you also don’t want them to look too “hot” or washed out. Most cameras or camera apps now have an “auto” mode and they’ll adjust accordingly to make sure the lighting is just right.


Use a Tripod

Using a tripod helps ensure that product photos are straight and professional-looking. They also give you freedom of movement when changing the shot. Not to mention the sense of relief that your camera or phone won’t fall off a pile of books or other homemade tripods.


Shoot From Multiple Angles

While a front-facing photo is great as the main image, users will want to see the product from all angles and in different scenarios. For example, if you’re selling clothing, you’ll want to show it from the front and back. They’ll want to see it by itself and on a model and in different environments and backgrounds. To accurately display your product, you should plan to upload at least four different photos. Let your photos answer questions users have about the product before they have to ask them.


Image Resolution and Dimensions

To keep your photos looking their best, we recommend a minimum DPI of 72, with minimum dimensions of 500 x 500 pixels. Most cameras and smartphones will take much larger photos with a higher DPI than this by default. That’s fine. Bigger is better when it comes to photos.

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Upload Original Photos

Original photos get noticed. If other merchants are selling the same product and they are all using a single stock photo, having an original photo will give your listing an edge. It’s all about attracting attention and standing out from what’s already there.


Choose A Clean Image

Wish allows you to choose a high-quality “clean image” for your product in the Merchant Dashboard. This “clean image” that you select will be used for potential advertising purposes on external sites and ad platforms, creating even more opportunities for increased impressions and sales. Ideally, the image will show a single product from a single angle, contain no text, and follows the rest of the tips for product photos outlined here. Click here for more information about how to select your “clean image” in the Merchant Dashboard.

Now that you’re a photo optimization expert, click here to get started on becoming a Wish merchant. Be sure to subscribe to the Wish Merchant Blog for more tips and tricks.