Changes to Dynamic Pricing Markups

Here at Wish, we have recently taken several steps towards improving both merchant and user experiences, as well as cultivating long-term merchant and user trust. From launching Wish Standards to becoming an invite-only platform, we’ve been prioritizing new strategies and revamping existing ones to achieve this goal. One strategy we are actively evaluating is dynamic pricing markups.

We have reached a point in our strategic initiatives where dynamic pricing markups no longer make sense for certain segments or markets. With merchants and users in mind, we carefully evaluated user-facing total price increases and determined the program should be revamped.

Currently and going forward, all Platinum merchants globally and Gold merchants selling to Europe-based customers* will no longer see user-facing total price increases.

By the end of Q2, all merchants selling to Europe-based customers will no longer see user-facing total price increases.

As we continue to refine our marketplace, we will explore expanding this decision to more destinations and merchants in the future. 

To learn more about how pricing works on Wish in the context of our ongoing revamp of dynamic pricing markups, please visit this Help Center article. Stay tuned for more updates as Wish works to become a more competitive marketplace for merchants, and as we unlock increased value for customers.

* Please note that VAT, a consumption tax levied on all goods sold in/to the European Union, will still be added to the merchant-set pricing, where applicable and required by law; see link below for details.

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