The All-new Merchant Promotions Platform

Here at Wish, we realize how important it is for our merchants to have more control over their promotional offerings. That’s why we’ve created the all-new Merchant Promotions Platform. This platform is free to use and offered to all Platinum, Gold, and Silver tier merchants. It has already begun rolling out to a percentage of eligible merchants, and subsequent roll outs will continue each week to a larger percentage of eligible merchants.

We believe the new platform may empower merchants to improve sales, customer experience, buyer retention, and Wish Standards ratings. Excited? You should be! Let’s take a look at how it works.

Types of Merchant Promotions
Eligible merchants can offer two different promotion types: Discount and Flash Sale.

Discount offers 5-80% off (on eligible products) for 7-14 calendar days.

Flash Sale offers 15-80% off (on eligible products) for 12 hours.

Products must meet a promotion type’s eligibility requirements (listed below) to be included in that promotion. Products that do not meet eligibility requirements will be rejected from the promotion. 



promotion product requirements

Flash Sale

promotion product requirements

Product rating  

More than 3 stars

More than 4 stars

Sale history  

At least 1 sale in 90 calendar days

At least 20 sales in 90 calendar days

Promotion history  

The product must not have participated in the same Discount (same country/countries and at the same discount %) within the last 30 calendar days 

The product must not have participated in the same Flash Sale (same country/countries and at the same discount %) within the last 30 calendar days 


Must have at least 1 in stock

Must allocate at least 10% of current inventory (i.e., inventory at the time the promotion is created) or a quantity of 1, whichever is higher


Any Discount product with variations must include at least 60% of its variations in the Discount

Any Flash Sale product with variations must include all of its variations in the Flash Sale




5 - 80%

15 - 80%

The % discount applies to the product price (or "Product Price" as displayed in the platform).

See Set % discount(s) to learn more.

Other requirements  


Products may NOT be in a Restricted Category (Merchant Dashboard > Products > Product Authorizations > Restricted Product Categories)

Prohibited products are excluded from any/all promotions

Merchants may not exceed 4,000 SKUs (variations) per MID in promotions at any given time

Promoted product listings may not be altered once a product is submitted for a promotion and until completion of that promotion. This includes product titles, descriptions, and images as well as adding new variations.


User POV
Promotions will appear in the new “Deals” section in the Wish App and on Additionally, users will be able to access and interact with “Deals” in a variety of ways across the site. Below are a few examples of what this looks like.

The Deals page:


"Flash Sale" is specific to Flash Sale products, whereas “Shop daily deals” includes a mix of promotions, such as Discount and Flash Sale.


Creating Promotions
Now that you know what kinds of promotions you can offer and how they’ll look to users, let’s talk about how to create a new promotion. To create a promotion, navigate to Merchant Dashboard > Promotions > Merchant Promotions. From there, click Create a Promotion. Merchants can enter their promotion details in the Merchant Dashboard, or use a CSV file or API to save time.


After submitting a promotion, it can take up to 24 hours for Wish approval. During that time, promotions live in the Pending Promotion tab. This tab, along with the Active Promotions tab, History tab, and Cancelled Promotions tab can be accessed via the Merchant Promotions Platform homepage dashboard. 

If the promotion status is “Rejected,” it is because at least one product included in the promotion no longer meets the eligibility requirements. This could mean that the price or detail page has changed, the product rating has dropped, or that the promotion does not include valid variations.  When a promotion is rejected, merchants have the option to restart the campaign without the rejected products. For accepted campaigns, the Merchant Promotions Platform offers a variety of metrics on promotion performance for both current and completed promotions. 

On the Promotion Performance page, merchants can find details such as how a product is performing, which product has the most orders, highest conversion rate, lowest conversion rate as well as whether products are sold out or have been rejected from the campaign.

Click here for a complete walkthrough on creating, modifying, and monitoring your promotion.

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