Wish’s Support for Our Ukraine-based Merchants

During the extremely difficult times in recent weeks, Wish remains committed to our merchants in Ukraine. Merchants’ safety and well-being are top of mind for us, and we have taken swift actions to lessen our Ukraine-based merchants’ concerns and stress around their Wish businesses.

We have:

  • Manually enabled “Pause all warehouse(s)” for Ukraine-based merchants that haven’t enabled this vacation setting (merchants may feel free to return their vacation settings back to “All warehouse(s) operational” if needed)
  • Refunded all commission fees from the past 30 days
  • Waived commission fees for active Ukraine-based merchants for the next 6 months 

Additionally, we plan to donate supplies to refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. More than 65,000 items, including clothing, shoes, wet wipes, and diapers will be sent to the Ukraine border where thousands of refugees have already gathered.

We are saddened by the continued escalations in the country and are moved by the resilience of our merchants in Ukraine and all Ukrainian people during this unthinkable time. We will keep monitoring the fluid situation and continue listening to feedback from merchants to best support them.