Wish Merchant Stories: Le Ravishe Beauty Mart

There are hundreds of thousands of merchants on Wish, and helping them succeed is paramount to our business. In our all-new Wish Merchant Stories series, we’re giving merchants an opportunity to share their experiences with selling on Wish. It’s our hope that by sharing these stories, we will empower merchants to create their own Wish success stories. 

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mfonobong Ikpim from Le Ravishe Beauty Mart. Le Ravishe Beauty Mart is a beauty store that specializes in perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and jewelry at highly discounted rates. In our talk, Mfonobong spoke with us about how Wish helped her expand to new markets, increase global sales, exceed sales goals, and more. You’ll find the video interview below, with the transcript underneath.

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Mfonobong Ikpim and I’m one of the owners of Le Ravishe Beauty Mart. We are located in Maryland, USA. 

What kinds of products do you sell?
Le Ravishe Beauty Mart, as the name implies, is a beauty store. We sell beauty products: perfumes, skincare, makeup, and jewelry. We are online sellers, although we offer in-store pickup as well. 

How long have you been selling on Wish?
We started on Wish in late 2019. It’s been about three years and going now. It’s been pretty awesome. It was the first marketplace we signed up to sell on besides our own website. We’ve had a very good relationship with Wish.

What sets Wish apart from other marketplaces?
On Wish, we can reach customers everywhere. We don’t know how Wish does its marketing, but it’s one platform where we have had tremendous, tremendous success reaching customers worldwide. Wish also accepts lots of shipping carriers. We’ve not had any issue shipping and tracking to the last mile on Wish. Our customers have been pretty happy. 

What kinds of success have you had on Wish?
We have had an increase in our sales volume on Wish. We have had opportunities to expand to other countries. When we started, we were shipping only to the US. We were just testing the market, but then we realized that there were certain countries Wish considers high-sell places. So we decided to start reaching out to customers in those places. We added those countries and we were pretty successful selling and shipping to those places. That really created a tremendous increase to our sales volume. Wish also advertises our products for us based on the sales and the record of the product performances. And that really helps to bring in more sales for our products. 

What selling strategies work best on Wish?
We do run flash sales on Wish and that really helps. Once we discount items and run flash sales, it increases product visibility. We take advantage of the advertising tools Wish makes available to us.

Why would you recommend Wish to others looking to expand their business?
Wish is one marketplace where you create one account, push your product listings to it, and it goes worldwide. Also, having an account manager. It’s the one platform where I have an account manager. We have so many other places that we sell on, but Wish is the one platform where we have an account manager that is reachable at any time. 

Finally, what advice would you give to merchants starting out on Wish?
I would say, just hang in there! Don’t give up! If you have issues, don’t be afraid to reach out to Merchant Support. If you have an account manager to reach out to, don’t be afraid to. Talk to them! They are there to help you, and support you, and figure out ways to help you succeed. 

Check out the full Le Ravishe Beauty Mart collection on Wish.

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