Optimizing Your Main Image on Wish

Strategic product photos are essential to merchant success on Wish. In a previous blog post, we discussed general photography tips and explained how optimizing product photos can help increase impressions and sales. Today, we’re going to talk about optimizing your main product image. 

Your main image is the primary photo that’s shown to customers for each product in the Wish feed. Having an optimized main image for every listed product is crucial for any online store or marketplace — especially on Wish, where users are presented with an endless stream of images with no titles or descriptions. Your main image is your best chance to convey everything that needs to be expressed about your product, and it needs to be done in one tiny square. When done right, it can inspire customer interest in your product and influence their buying decision. Let’s look at some ways you can optimize your main image on Wish to ensure maximum success.

Add Text
Adding text to your main image is an easy way to convey additional information to the user. Add simple text to images explaining your product's basic features and benefits. Answering fundamental questions about the product in the main image is a great way to garner interest and get users excited about a product.

In general, text added to main images should be in English. English is a global language and it's the one language most users will likely understand. If a product is important or popular to a specific market, consider adding text in that native language, or using both languages. For example, if a product is popular in Spain, consider using Spanish text, or including both Spanish and English text on the image.

Create A Collage
Many products come in different variations or colors. Make sure you present all options in a single collage in your main image. This allows users to see everything you’re offering at a single glance. Don’t hide your options on the description page or extra photos where they might not be seen.

Ready, Set, Action!
Users want to know what a product does, and they want to see it in action. If possible, show your product being used. Here’s another instance where you can use a collage to show exactly how a product works. If your product’s function is too complicated to show in a single photo, show as much as you can in the main image and be sure to add extra images that demonstrate everything it can do.


Start Slow
Optimizing main images for multiple products can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We suggest starting with your top ten or so most popular products. Once you’ve optimized those main images and start seeing success, move on to another batch of your next five or ten most popular products. Doing it in smaller batches makes ramping up a lot more manageable. 

Add Video
Once all of your main images are optimized, what’s next? It’s time to upgrade to video! Uploading Wish Clips is another great way to potentially increase impressions and sales. Similar to optimizing your main image, we recommend starting with small batches of your most popular products. If you’re unsure where to get started with Wish Clips, check out our blog post here.

Now that you’re a main image optimization expert, click here to get started on becoming a Wish merchant. Be sure to subscribe to the Wish Merchant Blog for more tips and tricks.