November Wish Merchant Wrap-Up

The Wish Merchant Wrap-Up is a digest version of all the important announcements and changes that came out the previous month. Let’s dig in and see what you may have missed in the month of November!

Multiple Wish Fashion Experience Updates

Building upon our recent expansion of the Wish Fashion experience to all Android app users in the United States, we have made several updates to Wish Fashion on the merchant side.
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Multiple Updates to Prohibited Products

To foster a healthy and safe marketplace for our merchants and customers around the globe, Wish prohibits certain categories of products from being sold.
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UK Plastic Packaging Tax Compliance Requirements

On April 1, 2022, the United Kingdom HM Revenue and Customs (UK HMRC) introduced the Plastic Packaging Tax (UK PPT), an environmental tax designed as a financial incentive to change plastic production processes.
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New Promotion Type: Event

The holiday season is ramping up, and so are our promoted Wish events. To make it easier for merchants to participate, the Merchant Promotions Platform has released an exciting new promotion type called Event.
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Partnership Spotlight: eDesk

eDesk is the customer service helpdesk software that unifies all queries, orders, and customer info into one single view.
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It's Our First Anniversary!

It's hard to believe we’ve been educating and empowering Wish merchants for twelve months now. Time sure flies when you’re making selling fun!
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Merchant Managed Returns

Wish's brand new Merchant Managed Returns program focuses on making returns easier for merchants.
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Leverage Wish Express This Holiday Season

To ensure this holiday season is busy and bright, our merchants should make sure they’re taking advantage of Wish Express.
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