Moving Away From Monetary Infraction Penalties

Following up on our Wish Standards rollout in November, we have a few new merchant benefits that we hope you'll find exciting and encouraging. Not only are we doing away with most of the monetary infraction penalties, we are also offering weekly payments for our highest-performing merchants. Let’s dig into the details!

No More Monetary Penalties

Previously, Wish merchants could potentially be issued monetary penalties for certain infractions. Not anymore! That’s right; Wish will be doing away with most of these monetary infraction penalties. Beginning February 22, 2022, we will no longer issue monetary penalties for the infractions outlined here.

We’re still keeping infractions in place to help maintain our quality standards; however, moving forward, infractions that previously would have resulted in monetary penalties will instead be reflected in your Wish Standards’ performance metrics with the potential to impact your tier level and other benefits you might receive from Wish. While you'll no longer be issued a monetary penalty, infractions and poor performance can lead to higher commission rates, lower product impressions, less frequent payments, and other consequences. Remember that positive performance can provide perks and benefits such as decreased commissions, more impressions, and faster payment.

Please note that merchants will still be responsible for any monetary infraction penalties issued to merchants prior to the date this change goes into effect, as per current Wish terms and policy. For more information, including exceptions, please check out the Help Center article here


Faster Payments

Currently, merchants are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Beginning February 22, 2022, Platinum tier merchants will be paid weekly instead of twice a month via the Wish Standards Weekly Payment Program benefit. Please note that disbursements will usually happen on Tuesdays (Pacific Time) and may take 3-5 business days to arrive in merchants’ bank accounts or payment provider’s accounts. 

Be sure to read through the Help Center article to learn more about the Wish Standards Weekly Payment Program.

Not a Wish merchant, but interested in taking part in these fantastic new benefits? Start a new store here. Check out the Wish Merchant Blog for more ways to succeed on Wish!