INFORM Act Merchant Requirements

Wish merchants, take note! Due to the new INFORM Act in the US, Wish may need you to verify your merchant identity info on our platform again. This law applies to all merchants who have made at least 200 sales transactions worth $5,000 or more on online marketplaces within any 12-month period since June 27, 2021. If you meet these requirements on Wish, and you don't finish the verification process by June 27, 2023, there's a chance your account could get suspended. 

Need help making sure you’re verified? We got you covered! 

Navigate to the Seller Profile page in your Wish Merchant Dashboard to see your validation status. Merchants that need to verify or re-verify their accounts will see their validation status as incomplete. Simply click “Continue validating” to upload the required information and complete the verification process.


Here are some tips to help your verification go through successfully:

  • Your business license should contain your legal representative's name, company address, and company name.
  • Please ensure the legal representative name on the business license matches the  name in the photo ID you've provided to Wish.
  • If your legal representative's name does not appear on your business license, upload documentation with your legal representative's name present.
  • Double-check all spelling for accuracy.
  • Review numbers for accuracy (especially business license numbers).
  • If your company name has a business type indicator (such as “LLC”) be sure to include that information .
  • Ensure that all required fields are fully filled out.

If you’d like help walking through the process, we have some great resources: 

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