April 2023 Wish Merchant Wrap-Up

The Wish Merchant Wrap-Up is a digest version of all the important announcements and changes that came out the previous month. Let’s dig in and see what you may have missed in the month of April 2023!

Merchant Policy Updates

To foster a healthy and high-quality marketplace for merchants and customers around the globe, we have made two Merchant Policy updates. These include updates to our marketing policy, as well as our misleading listing policy.
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Commission Structure Updates

Your feedback has been heard, and in our efforts to improve merchant experience, we are happy to share that the commission structure will be simplified, effective May 11, 2023.
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Wish Merchant on LinkedIn

Did you know that Wish Merchant actively engages with merchants on LinkedIn, a popular social networking platform that is dedicated to professional networking and career advancement?
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Wish Facts for Merchants

Check out this information sheet to learn more about our user base, top-selling product categories, and more. Utilize this information to make the most of your favorite marketplace!
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Partnership Spotlight: Tiny

Tiny is a cloud-based business management system that was established in 2012, with a primary focus on the Brazilian market. They automate everyday online sales tasks, such as issuing invoices, receipts, shipping labels, and inventory management.
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